Announcing the publication of In The Blood by Grand Central Publishing May 30, 2023

Additional Praise for In The Blood

Important and inspiring story about the invention of a life-saving blood clotting product and the struggle to save lives from injuries on the battlefield and everywhere. A terrific read.

Tom Frieden, MD, Director of the CDC under President Obama

A classic American success story.


Fast-paced, races like a thriller. Barber leads readers on the path from product invention to implementation -- and it's a treacherous journey.


In the Blood is that wonderful kind of true story that is at times utterly unbelievable. Yet Charles Barber’s deep research and graceful prose turns it into something even greater: a portrait of an unlikely yet perfect friendship, a testament to the marriage of ingenuity and salesmanship, a fierce interrogation of groupthink, and a tribute to the courage of American soldiers and corpsmen. The story is inspiring, yet so many moments left me shaken.

Jeff Hobbs, author of The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace

In the Blood is an amazing, all-too-true underdog story with intensely high stakes — thousands of lives in the balance. Medical miracles don’t happen overnight, and Charles Barber’s suspenseful storytelling helps us see and feel the struggle and frustration, the sweat and tears. The result is inspiring.

Robert Kolker, author of #1 New York Times bestseller Hidden Valley Road

The story Charles Barber tells in In the Blood crept up on me, grabbed me by the lapels and wouldn’t let me go. I found myself rooting for these two unlikely friends who face off against the greed and hubris of those with considerably more power and resources. It’s an astonishing tale, so deftly told, by turn unsettling and inspiring.

Alex Kotlowitz, best-selling author of There Are No Children Here